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Civic / Education / Medical

Pitkin County Solid Waste Center Truck Scale and Office Addition [ Pictured Above ]
Description: New truck scale on screw pile foundation and renovation to solid waste center office.
Architect: Menendez Architects, P.C .- Luis Menendez

Colorado Mountain College - Residence Hall Renovation Spring Valley
Renovation and upgrade of student dormitory rooms.
Architect: Thira Incorporated
Size: Approx 64 total rooms phased over multiple summer seasons. 16 have been completed.

Ross Dental
Description: Renovation of existing Midland Ave historic residence into main floor dental office with residential penthouse above.
Architect: Nick Soho
Size: 2700sf

Steven F Chase DDS
Description: Riverwalk Building 2 tenant finish. Interior commercial space converted to dental office.
Architect: A4 Architects - Michael Hassig
Size: 1200sf

Carbondale Community School Carbondale, Colorado [ Pictured Above ]
Description: 2000 AIA Colorado West Citation Award and 1999 AIA Western Mountain Region Citation Award; winning, Kindergarten through 8th Grade, school located on former ranchland property in Carbondale. The Building incorporates a diverse use of materials and construction methods throughout its unique structure.
Architect: Harry Teague Architects - Harry Teague
Size: 10,000sf

Thunder River Theatre Carbondale, Colorado [ Pictured Above ]
Description: Non-profit Thunder River Theatre Company owned performing arts building. Precast concrete "tilt up" panel exterior structure with brick fa├žade. Pre-cast panels were used to provide the owner with a shortened construction schedule as well as economical building structure. Building was constructed on a very limited budget and delivered for less than $100/sf.
Architect: JR Baker Architects - John Baker
Size: 10,000sf